Spallanzani chief calls for Sputnik jab

Weird Italy 716dbcb8127fe00eb36d968bb49390c5 Spallanzani chief calls for Sputnik jab What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 9 – The health director at Italy’s premier
infectious disease hub, Rome’s Spallanzani Hospital, on Tuesday
urged Italian health authorities to approve the use of Russia’s
Sputnik vaccine in Italy.
    “The COVID-19 variants do not scare me, and Sputnik should be
approved,” Francesco Vaia told Rome daily Il Messaggero.
    “There is a war on and we will root out the virus,” he added.
    Vaia noted that the Sputnik jab had a stated efficacy of 90% and
said “I hope the European and Italian authorities, EMA and AIFA,
authorise it as soon as possible”.
    The Sputnik vaccine, the first to be developed against the
COVID-19 virus, is being used by several countries around the
world. (ANSA).


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