Salvini says he told Draghi he wants Italy to lead in EU

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 9 – League leader Matteo Salvini said
Tuesday that he told Premier-designate Mario Draghi that he
wants a government headed by the former chief of the European
Central Bank to take the lead in Europe.
    “We talked about Europe,” Salvini said after
government-formation consultations.
    “Our aim is for Italy to be a lead player in Europe again.
    “What we are interested in is that it works for the national
interest at the EU level.
    “No austerity. No blood-and-tears pacts”.
    Salvini said he did not talk to Draghi about who the ministers
will be in his government.
    But he said he was satisfied that the premier-designate had
agreed with the League’s idea of using the model of streamlined
bureaucracy employed in rebuilding Genoa’s viaduct after the
collapse of the Morandi bridge in 2018. (ANSA).


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