Chemicals firm sequestered for pollution in Brescia

Weird Italy e3d5aa990087c78aa595cb236fac0664 Chemicals firm sequestered for pollution in Brescia What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – BRESCIA, FEB 9 – A chemicals company operating in
the centre of the northern city of Brescia was sequestered
Tuesday in a pollution probe where the lead prosecutor called
the firm “a cancer in the heart of the city”.
    The Caffaro plant, which has been in Brescia city centre since
2003, has been emitting levels of chromium and mercury “well
over the legal limit,” said prosecutors Donato Greco and Silvio
    Brescia chief prosecutor Francesco Prete said the plant was a “a
cancer in the heart of the city that must be uprooted”.
    Values of hexavalent chromium – the polluting substance at the
centre of the Erin Brokovich film exposé on groundwater
pollution, were 10-15 times the legal norm, he said.
    The prosecutors said the site had been the source of “continual
pollution”. (ANSA).


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