Body of man killed by son along with mother found in river

Weird Italy 0efde8b45b59bf6c430b76777d363934 Body of man killed by son along with mother found in river What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 9 – The body of a Bolzano man allegedly
killed by his son along with the boy’s mother was believed to
have been found in the river Adige Tuesday, not far from where
her body was found on Saturday, local sources said.
    The young man, Benno Neumair, is in custody charged with double
homicide and hiding the bodies of Peter Neumair and Laura
Perselli, his parents, in a suspected row over money.
    The young man denies killing them.
    The Bolzano couple disappeared on January 4. (ANSA).


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