Woman on segway killed by lorry

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(ANSA) – GENOA, FEB 8 – A 34-year-old Italian woman was run
over and killed by an articulated lorry while she was riding a
segway in Genoa on Monday morning.
    The woman was riding the electric scooter in via Monticelli when
the lorry hit her, police said.
    She was returning home after having taken her children to
school, police said.
    Police said she may have fallen off the scooter and been run
over, or may have been knocked off her segway by the vehicle.
    The driver of the lorry is a 46-year-old Italian man, who tested
negative for alcohol and drugs.
    It is the first deadly accident involving an electric scooter in
    An autopsy has been ordered.
    Electric scooters or segways are becoming increasingly popular
in Italian cities.
    Last week they were included in Italy’s inflation basket for the
first time. (ANSA).


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