Stop human trafficking says pope (15)

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(ANSA) – VATICAN CITY, FEB 8 – Pope Francis issued an
impassioned appeal against human trafficking in the video
message sent Monday to the participants in the online prayer
Marathon taking place on the occasion of the 7th International
Day of Prayer and Reflection Against Human Trafficking, whose
theme this year is “An Economy without Human Trafficking”.
    “This day is important,” Francis said, “because it helps us all
to remember this tragedy, and encourages us not to stop praying
and fighting together.
    “May reflection and awareness always be accompanied by concrete
gestures, which also open up paths to social emancipation.
    “Indeed, the aim is for every enslaved person to return to being
a free agent of his or her own life and to take an active part
in the construction of the common good.”
Francis went on: “Dear friends, this is a Day of Prayer. Yes,
there is a need to pray to support the victims of trafficking
and those who accompany the processes of integration and social
    “We need to pray that we may learn to approach with humanity and
courage those who have been marked by so much pain and despair,
keeping hope alive.
    “The liturgical memorial of Saint Josephine Bakhita (the
Sudanese-Italian victim and campaigner after whom the day is
named) is a powerful reminder of this dimension of faith and
prayer: her witness always resonates, alive and relevant! “And it is a call to place trafficked persons, their families,
their communities at the centre. They are the centre of our
prayer. Saint Josephine Bakhita reminds us that they are the
protagonists of this day, and that we are all at their service.”
An economy without trafficking, the pope said, is firstly An
economy of care. “Care can be understood as taking care of
people and nature, offering products and services for the growth
of the common good. An economy that cares for work, creating
employment opportunities that do not exploit workers through
degrading working conditions and gruelling hours. The Covid
pandemic has exacerbated and worsened the conditions of labour
exploitation; job losses have penalised many trafficked persons
in the process of rehabilitation and social reintegration.”
Secondly, Francis said: “An economy without human trafficking is
an economy with market rules that promote justice, not exclusive
special interests. Human trafficking finds fertile ground in the
approach of neo-liberal capitalism, in the deregulation of
markets aimed at maximising without ethical limits, without
social limits, without environmental limits. If this logic is
followed, there is only the calculation of advantages and
disadvantages. Choices are not made on the basis of ethical
criteria, but by pandering to dominant interests, often cleverly
obscured by a humanitarian or ecological veneer. Choices are not
made by looking at people: people are numbers, to be exploited.”
Third, the pontiff said “an economy without human trafficking is
a courageous economy – it takes courage. Not in the sense of
recklessness, of risky operations in the hope of easy gains. No,
not in that sense; of course it is not courage that is needed,
this On the contrary, it is the courage of patient construction,
of planning that does not always look only at the very short
term gain, but at the medium and long term fruits and, above
all, at people. The courage to combine legitimate profit with
the promotion of employment and decent working conditions. In
times of great crisis, such as the current one, this courage is
even more necessary. In times of crisis, human trafficking
proliferates, as we all know: we see it every day. In times of
crisis, human trafficking proliferates; therefore, we need to
strengthen an economy that may respond to the crisis in a way
that is not short-sighted, in a lasting way, in a solid way.
    “Dear brothers and sisters, let us put all this in our prayer,
especially today, by the intercession of Saint Josephine
Bakhita. I pray for you, and let us all pray together for every
person who is a victim of human trafficking at this moment. And
please, do not forget to pray for me. Thank you!” (ANSA).


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