No. of under-9 victims of cyberbullying on the rise – police

Weird Italy ad2898cdc81e374d273465da6a5d14f2 No. of under-9 victims of cyberbullying on the rise - police What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 8 – Italy’s postal police said Monday that
it registered 52 cases of cyberbullying in which the victim was
under nine last year, almost twice as many as the 28 it handled
in 2019.
    But it added at an event staged by parents association MOIGE
that the overall number of cases of cyberbullying it dealt with
dropped to 412 in 2020, down from 460 in 2019.
    The postal police said the number of minors reported to
prosecutors for possessing and spreading child pornography
increased to 66 in 2020, up from 62 in 2019. (ANSA).


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