Man kills wife in jealous fit

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(ANSA) – PALERMO, FEB 8 – A 37-year-old Italian man killed
his 32-year-old Italian wife in a jealous fit in Palermo on
Sunday, police said Monday.
    Police said it had been the umpteenth violent row between the
    The man, Salvatore Baglione, told police he had heard of an
extramarital affair lasting several months by his wife, Piera
    The woman reportedly told her husband she no longer loved him
and wanted to leave him, police said.
    Police said the man attacked his wife while she was sitting in
the bathroom and inflicted several stab wounds to the face, head
and trunk.
    The incident happened early on Sunday morning, police said.
    The man then cleaned and hid the murder weapon, a 35-cem long
kitchen knife, cleaned himself up and woke the couple’s two
small children, police said.
    He then packed a suitcase and went to the nearest Carabinieri
barracks to confess.
    He said he needed the suitcase to take his belongings to prison
with him.
    An autopsy has been ordered. (ANSA).


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