Man arrested for stabbing partner to death in street

Weird Italy fa75e02c980a0a2c045bf96ec66632ac Man arrested for stabbing partner to death in street What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – LODI, FEB 8 – A 43-year-old Albanian man was
arrested Monday on suspicion of stabbing his 47-year-old
Albanian partner to death in the street near Lodi north of Milan
on Sunday.
    The woman, Luljeta Heshta, was murdered in the street at
Pedriano di San Giuliano Milanese.
    The man was said to have been living with her.
    “Sadly I have to report another, umpteenth femicide,” said Lodi
chief prosecutor Domenico Chiaro.
    “This is the sixth femicide since the start of the year, a
disconsolate figure.
    “Much is done to avert these incidents but unfortunately the
risk if always high.
    “The only positive note is that the contribution of passersby
was decisive in identifying the suspect”.
    The man was not immediately named.
    Chiaro said he stabbed the woman five times after punching her
    The man claimed he was innocent but admitted having arguments
with the woman involving jealousy.
    The man was caught on CCTV staggering and police think he may
have been drunk at the time of the murder. (ANSA).


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