M5S will be ‘decisive’ in next govt – Di Maio

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(see related stories on political crisis) (ANSA) – ROME, FEB 8 – Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said
his 5-Star Movement (M5S) will have a key role on the next
government, like it had in the two administrations led by
outgoing Premier Giuseppe Conte during the current parliamentary
    The first Conte, which lasted from June 2018 until August 2019,
was based on an alliance between the M5S and Matteo Salvini’s
League party.
    That was replaced by Conte’s second executive, which featured
the centre-left Democratic Party, the left-wing LeU group and
the centrist Italia Viva (IV) in addition to the M5S, and
collapsed last month. “We were decisive in the first Conte government, with a flagship
measure like the Citizenship Wage basic income and the
anti-corruption law,” Di Maio said via Facebook.
    2We were fundamental in the second Conte government with reforms
that will go down in history, such as the cut to the number of
    “And we will continue to be decisive.
    “In the last few years the Movement has always shown seriousness
and responsibility.
    “We feel the weight of the 33% of the vote we received in (the
general elections) in 2018, of 11 million Italians who put their
faith in us and who we represent in parliament”. (ANSA).


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