M5S to vote on Draghi on Feb 10-11

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 8 – The anti-establishment 5-Star Movement
(M5S) will hold an online vote on its Rousseau platform February
10-11 so members can voice their approval or disapproval of
possible M5S backing for a new government led by former ECB
chief Mario Draghi, their blog said Monday.
    The vote will be open from 13:00 on Wednesday to 13:00 on
Thursday, the blog said.
    The grass roots are said to be split on putting the weight of
parliament’s biggest party behind Draghi, a representative of
the European establishment the M5S once strongly opposed, but
most party heavweights have come out in favour of a Draghi-led
executive. (ANSA).


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