Homeless man found dead outside bar in Turin

Weird Italy beac58554cc20d395a28ca01e49f2596 Homeless man found dead outside bar in Turin What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – TURIN, FEB 8 – A homeless man was found dead outside
a bar in central Turin on Monday morning.
    Police said he was a 59-year-old man of Moroccan origins who
worked as a flower-seller in the local San Secondo market and
lost his job last year.
    After losing his job, police said, he started living in his car.
    But when this was taken from him too he ended up on the street,
police said.
    The man died of natural causes, police said.
    The death comes amid a row in Turin over a number of street
people who have been cleared from the city centre.
    An autopsy has been ordered. (ANSA).


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