COVID: Lazio starts vaccinating over 80s

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 8 – Lazio, the region around Rome, on
Monday started vaccinating over-80s in its much-delayed COVID
vaccine rollout.
    The pensioners got the jab at Italy’s premier infectious disease
hospital, Rome’s Spallanzani Hospital, and at another 49
administration points in the region, 22 of them in Rome.
    Among the first to be vaccinated at the Spallanzani was Nicola,
    “It went really well,” he said.
    “I was really impressed by the organisation, the promptness and
the professionalism with which the doctors welcomed us.
    “My son had reserved a place online and I was among the first to
be vaccinated this morning.
    “Let’s hope we get out of this pandemic as soon as possible.
    “I feel safer now”.
    Italy has been hit by vaccine delivery delays on the part of
Pfizer and AstraZeneca.
    The government has said it is considering legal action against
both companies.
    In the latest news on the vaccine front, the government has
approved giving the AstraZeneca jab to the under-55s.
    Italy is also looking forward to getting a home-grown vaccine
later this year, to bolster the Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna
    A COVID vaccine developed by the
Italian company ReiThera will be available from September,
Italian drugs agency AIFA said late last month.
    A few million doses of the ReiThera jab may be administered
starting in that month, AIFA President Giorgio Palu’ told Sky
    Health Minister Roberto Speranza said the Italian state would
put public money into taking a stake in ReiThera, which is based
at Castel Romano on the outskirts of Rome.
    Gianni Rezza, the health ministry’s director of prevention, said
that Italy must prepare for eventual new strains of
COVID-19, at the presentation of a
new consortium for the genetic study of SarsCov2.
    The aim of the consortium is to follow the evolution of the
SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and monitor immune response to
vaccination, a press conference at the health ministry in Rome
heard. It aims to identify variants of the virus and prepare for
future pandemics.
    Palu’ said “this is only one of the first pandemics we are going
to see because other pandemics will come from the animal world.
    “We cannot miss this opportunity”. (ANSA).


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