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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 5 – The nationwide COVID-19 Rt
reproduction number has remained steady at 0.84, according to a
draft of the weekly coronavirus monitoring report by the Higher
Health Institute (ISS) and the health ministry.
    It said the overall situation had deteriorated slightly.with an
increase in the number of regions considered high risk, up from
one to three.
    The number of low-risk regions has fallen from 10 to seven.
    It said three regions had an Rt number over 1 – Umbria (1.18),
the autonomous province of Bolzano (1.06) and Friuli Venezia
Giulia (1.03).
    It said the a new upswing in COVID contagion could occur in the
coming weeks if measures to prevent infection are not “rigorously applied”.
    It said it was still necessary to “maintain a drastic reduction
in physical interaction between people” and for people to stay
at home as much as possible. (ANSA).


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