Road maintenance co trial asked for man who hit hole, died

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 4 – Prosecutors on Thursday requested the
indictment of a Rome road maintenance company in the death of a
man who hit a pothole on his scooter and crashed into a wall
dying instantly in the Italian capital December 2018.
    Luca Tosi Brandi, 20, was riding his scooter back from a nursing
training course at the Sant’Andrea Hospital on the night of
December 12 2018 when he ran over one of Rome’s many potholes,
lost control of the scooter, and lost his life in the crash.
    The owners and managers of the firm that was supposed to have
kept the stretch of road in good shape now risk being tried for
negligent manslaughter, judicial sources said Thursday.
    The case will come before preliminary hearings judge Paola Della
Monica on May 10.
    Successive Rome city governments have launched campaigns to fill
in the potholes that dot the capital. (ANSA).


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