Probe opened into COVID jab ‘queue jumpers’

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(ANSA) – BIELLA, FEB 4 – Police in this Piedmont town have
opened a probe into “crafty dodgers” who have allegedly jumped
the queue for the COVID vaccine and got the jab despite it being
reserved for elderly care home residents and frontline health
workers at this stage.
    NAS health police, coordinated by prosecutor Teresa Angela
Camelio, have seized local health agency files and placed a
number of people under investigation for getting vaccines they
were not entitled to, judicial sources said.
    They may be charged with defrauding the Italian state, the
sources said.
    Sources said police were set to question about a hundred people
in the probe.
    Among the alleged queue jumpers, sources said, are a number of
administrators of care homes who had no right to be vaccinated
at this early stage in Italy’s campaign.
    Some of the managers allegedly passed themselves off as workers
for health and hospital cooperatives, police said.
    Italy had been among the best-performing EU members in terms of
its vaccine rollout.
    But, like other countries, it has been hit by unexpected vaccine
delays. (ANSA).


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