Over 60% of young Italians victims of bullying

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 4 – The vast majority of young Italian
people, 61%, say that they have been the victims of some form of
bullying, whether it be cyberbullying or the traditional kind,
according to a survey released on Thursday by the Terre des
Hommes association and the Scuolazoo website for students.
    It said that 68% have witnessed episodes of bullying.
    The survey said drugs and sexual violence were among the threats
most feared by young Italians.
    It said six out of 10 adolescents did not feel safe online.
    It said 52.16% of girls and young women feared being the victim
of revenge porn. The survey revealed that 93% of adolescents felt alone in 2020,
the year the COVID-19 pandemic exploded, up 10 points with
respect to 2019. (ANSA).


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