M5S must listen to Draghi says Di Maio

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    (ANSA) – ROME, FEB 4 – Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said
Thursday that his 5-Star Movement (M5S) must listen to what
Premier-designate Mario Draghi has to say despite unease within
the group about the prospect of the country being led by a
    “In this fragile situation, in my opinion the 5-Star Movement is
duty bound to participate (in consultations with Draghi), to
listen and then adopt a position on the basis of what the
parliamentarians decide,” said Di Maio, who is the former head
of the movement and remains an influential figure within it.
    “We are the biggest group in parliament and institutional
respect comes first of all.
    “I understand the states of mind and the moods of the last few
hours. It is legitimate.
    “We are going through a complex political crisis and we are
    “We did not seek this deadlock.
    “We never wanted it to come to this, with a pandemic taking
place and our producers in enormous difficulty.
    “But is is precisely in these circumstances that a political
group must show itself to be mature in the eyes of the country”.


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