Conte says he won’t hamper Draghi

Weird Italy e19bd20d0c2243fa69f5a497255bd08d Conte says he won't hamper Draghi What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 4 – Outgoing Premier Giuseppe Conte said
Thursday that he will not hamper Premier-designate Mario Draghi
and he hopes the former ECB chief can form a “political”
government rather than one made up exclusively of technocrats.
    “Yesterday I met Draghi and we had a long, highly open
discussion at the end of which I wished him all the best for his
work,” Conte said outside the premier’s office.
    “They describe me as an obstacle.
    “Clearly they don’t know me or they speak in bad faith.
    “You should seek the saboteurs elsewhere.
    “I have always worked for the good of the country and so that a
new government can be formed.
    “From that point of view, I hope for a political government that
is solid and has the sufficient cohesion to make political
    “The needs of the country require political decisions that
cannot be handed to a team of technocrats”. (ANSA).


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