No prejudice agst Draghi but vote best says Salvini

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No prejudice agst Draghi but vote best says Salvini

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 3 – Opposition leader Matteo Salvini said
Wednesday the centre right had no prejudices against Mario
Draghi as possible premier but reiterated that a general
election and not a national-unity government led by the ex-ECB
chief was the best way out of Italy’s government crisis.
    “We reiterate with coherence that the way forward are
elections,” nationalist League leader said after a summit with
Giorgioa Meloni’s nationalist Brothers of Italy (FdI) party and
ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right Forza Italia (FI)
    “We can vote in the spring, the priorities are cutting taxes,
cutting red tape, the vaccine plan and justice reform. If Draghi
wants to listen to us we are ready.
    “If Professor Draghi meets us we will go and listen, propose and
evaluate. We do not have prejudices”.
    Salvini added that his “goal” was to keep the centre right
together after FI recalled the longstanding esteem Berlusconi
held Draghi in.
    For the moment Draghi does not appear to be able to get the
majority he needs because the biggest party in parliament, the
formerly anti-establishment and still-populist 5-Star Movement
(M5S), are mostly against him.
    The other main partner in outgoing premier Giuseppe Conte’s
coalition, the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), have come out
in Draghi’s favour.
    The government crisis was sparked by the defection of ex-premier
Matteo Renzi’s small centrist Italia Viva (IV) party.
    The centre right would expect to win a general election,
according to opinion polls. (ANSA).


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