Draghi respected, admired in Brussels and beyond-Schinas

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 3 – (refiling corrected)
Mario Draghi is respected and admired in Brussels and beyond,
European Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas said after
the former ECB chief credited with saving the euro got a
government-formation mandate in Italy.
    “It is not a big surprise if I say that Mario Draghi is
respected and admired in this city and beyond,” said Schinas,
who is tasked with promoting the European way of life.
    He said it was up to the Italian government and democratic
institutions to decide Italy’s future.
    Draghi got a mandate from President Sergio Mattarella to try and
see if he can form a “high-profile” technocrat national-unity
government of no particular political stripe to steer Italy
through the COVID pandemic and the economic recovery from it.
    The centre-right opposition to outgoing premier Giuseppe Conte
have said they want to press on for a snap general election
while the biggest former government party, the populist 5-Star
Movement (M5S), is split on whether to back Draghi, who earned
the nickname ‘Super Mario’ for doing “whatever it takes” to save
the euro during the 2011-2012 sovereign debt crisis. (ANSA).


Draghi respected and admired at ECB and beyond – Schinas

Draghi hopeful of ‘responsible’ response from parties


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