COVID: Call for sanctions for anti-vax doctors

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(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, FEB 3 – The Bologna doctors guild on Wednesday called for sanctions to be levied against doctors who refuse to give the COVID-19 vaccine because of anti-vax views.
    In a statement, the guild urges disciplinary measures for any members who come out publicly against anti-COVID vaccinations.
    “It would not be correct from the standpoint of professional ethics, nor respectful of COVID-19 victims, especially at this historic moment, if voices were raised against vaccination, not backed by any evidence and solely based on unverified news, or worse still, arbitrarily interpreted news,” said the guild’s vaccine commission.
    The call was backed by several personalities in the Bolognese healthcare sector.
    A Genoese hospital infectious disease chief, Matteo Bassetti, was subjected to death threats from anti-vaxxers earlier this week.
    In Lombardy, the Italian region worst hit by COVID, some 11% of health operators have not joined the vaccination rollout.
    Vaccine skeptics are hurting the rollout in several countries including the US and France.
    The Bologna guild said all doctors who come out against the COVID jab should be sanctioned. (ANSA).


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