3 arrests in Bari for hit on nephew of SCU ex-boss

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(ANSA) – BARI, FEB 3 – Italian police on Wednesday arrested
three people in Bari for the November 2018 murder of the nephew
of a former boss in the Puglian mafia Sacra Corona Unita (United
Holy Crown, SCU).
    Domenico Capriati, 47-year-old nephew of Tonino Capriati, was
allegedly murdered because he was getting too big for his boots,
police said.
    Rival mobster Michele Larizzi, 38, was arrested on suspicion of
ordering the hit.
    Domenico Monti, the 62-year-old former right hand man of the
clan boss, and his son-in-law Christian De Tullio, 30, were
arrested for allegedly carrying out the assassination on
November 21 2018.
    Police said the pair sprayed Capriati with a hail of bullets
after he came out of his house with his wife and daughter, who
were unhurt in the hit, before finishing him off with a pistol
shot to the head. (ANSA).


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