Other parties not accepting mediation says Renzi

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 2 – Centrist Italia Viva (IV) leader and
ex-premier Matteo Renzi said Tuesday the other parties in talks
aimed at recreating the coalition that backed outgoing premier
Giuseppe Conte were “not accepting mediation” or giving any
ground in the talks.
    “They’re not giving in on anything,” Renzi reportedly told his
IV MPs, according to persons present.
    “They won’t accept mediation on the major issues and they don’t
even want to put anything down in writing.”
On the justice issue, Renzi said IV had achieved “absolute
    A major stumbling block has reportedly been IV’s insistence on
tapping the European Stability Mechanism rescue fund for health
spending, which the biggest government partner, the populist
5-Star Movement (M5S), strongly opposes fearing tough
    House Speaker Roberto Fico, who is leading the talks, is due to
report back to President Sergio Mattarella on the outcome of the
talks later Tuesday.
    Observers said the apparent lack of progress meant the chances
of Conte being reappointed could be falling. (ANSA).


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