Man confesses to stabbing to death ex partner in street

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 2 – A 39-year-old man on Tuesday confessed to stabbing to death his former girlfriend in a town in the southern region of Puglia late on Monday, sources said.
    Sonia Di Maggio, 29, was murdered while she was out walking hand-in-hand with her new boyfriend in Minervino di Lecce, the sources said.
    The suspected murderer, originally from the province of Naples town of Torre Annunziata, was detained in Otranto early on Tuesday.
    He has a criminal record, the sources said.
    The new boyfriend, 29-year-old carpenter Francesco Damiano, told a local TV channel that Di Maggio was stabbed around 20 times by the assailant, who suddenly attacked while the couple were on the way to a supermarket.
    Sources said that, after confessing, the suspect was set to take police to the place where he disposed of the murder weapon.
    Italy has had an alarming spate of femicides, in which women are killed by their partners or ex-parters, in recent years. (ANSA).


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