Fascist salutes at funeral of ‘comrade’

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(ANSA) – LUCCA, FEB 1 – Mourners gave Fascist salutes at the
funeral Saturday of the father of the mayor of Pietrasanta near
Lucca, local dailies Tirreno and Nazione reported Monday.
    The mourners also shouted ‘Adriano comrade present and correct’,
a phrase usually used for former Fascist soldiers in WWII, at
the funeral of Adriano Giovannetti, 84.
    The former Fascist soldier was the owner of a farm and the
father of the mayor of Pietrasanta, Alberto Giovannetti.
    It is the second such incident in Italy in a few days.
    A group of rightist opposition town
councillors in a town near Genoa repeatedly made ‘Roman’ Fascist
salutes during a session on Holocaust Remembrance Day last
    Leftwing Mayor Paolo Bruzzone said it was a “grave episode”.
    Liguria’s centre-right governor, Giovanni Tori, condemned the
episode as “intolerable”.
    “As well as committing a crime they offended the victims of the
Shoah”, he said.
    The nationalist League councillors accused in the case denied
making the Fascist salute, saying they were merely raising their
hands. (ANSA).


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