Dog waits 2 mts for COVID-hit owner

(ANSA) – MILAN, FEB 1 – Two-year-old mongrel Billy has been
waiting for two months outside his master’s front door near
Pavia for him to return after being hit by COVID-19 in November,
local daily La Provincia Pavese reported Monday.
    The nephews of 55-year-old civil protection volunteer Marco
Maiolani only manage to get the dog to come in late in the
    Every morning the faithful animal returns to his post outside
the door, dragging his blanket and cushion with him.
    Maiolani, who has been moved to a clinic for rehab after
spending weeks in hospital, much of them in intensive care, told
La Provincia Pavese: “I miss him a lot. He’s an irreplaceable
    “Just a bit more patience an then I’ll be back to normal. I
can’t wait to be able to stroke my Billy again”. (ANSA).


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