COVID restrictions eased as most of Italy turns yellow

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 1 – COVID-19 restrictions came down in
many parts of Italy on Monday, with most of the country now a
yellow zone, meaning the risk of contagion is considered
    This week none of Italy’s regions are high-risk red zones and
only four, Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia and Umbria, are
medium-high-risk orange zones, along with the autonomous
province of Bolzano.
    The rest of the country is a yellow zone, meaning all shops can
do business and bars and restaurants can serve people until 6pm.
    In orange zones, shops can stay open but bars and restaurants
are only allowed to offer takeaway services.
    When a region is a red zone all bars, restaurants and
non-essential shops must close.
    A night curfew kicking in at 10pm remains in force throughout
the nation.
    The relaxation of the restrictions has caused concern among some
experts though, especially in the light of footage of big crowds
of people in the centres of Milan, Rome and Florence on Sunday. “The return to being a yellow area does not mean a return to
normality,” said Agostino Miozzo, the coordinator of the CTS
panel of experts advising the government on its policies to
combat the coronavirus. “It is necessary to avoid gatherings of people as there is a
real risk of the contagion curve rapidly shooting up towards
figures that are difficult to manage”. (ANSA).


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