Couple die falling into gully in front of daughter, 5

Weird Italy aec8d1b3acede63eb4fe69462b5c1524 Couple die falling into gully in front of daughter, 5 What happened in Italy today

(ANSA) – BRESCIA, FEB 1 – A Milanese couple die Sunday after
falling into an icy mountain gully near Brescia in front of
their five-year-old daughter, local sources said.
    The woman, Valeria Coletta, was 35 and her husband, Fabrizio
Martino Marchi, 40.
    The accident happened on Mt Vareno, at Angolo Terme.
    The woman slipped on an ice sheet near a canal and fell into the
gully and the husband, while trying to rescue her, fell for over
200 metres, rescuers said.
    They both died immediately.
    A couple of friends of the couple remained with the daughter
after witnessing the accident. (ANSA).


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