444,000 jobs lost in Dec over yr – ISTAT

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 1 – Some 444,000 jobs were lost in Italy
in the year to December, ISTAT said Monday.
    Percentage-wise, this was a fall of 1.9%.
    The month on month drop was 0.4% on November, a fall of 101,000,
the statistics agency said.
    Italy’s unemployment rate rose 0.2% to 9.0% in December, ISTAT
    Youth unemployment rose 0.3% to 29.7%.
    The self-employed saw a 79,000 fall between November and
December, the stats agency said.
    They were 209,000 down on December 2019.
    Steady jobs fell 393,000 between the two Decembers.
    But permanent payrolled jobs were up 158,000 over the year,
ISTAT said.
    This growth was largely due to a COVID block on firings and the
use of the CIG redundancy fund, the statistics agency said.


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