Six arrested inc. magistrate for bankruptcy corruption

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(ANSA) – BRINDISI, JAN 28 – Italian police on Thursday
arrested six people including professionals and a magistrate at
Brindisi’s bankruptcy court on suspicion of corruption in
judicial acts.
    Three of them were detained in jail and three placed under house
    The magistrate arrested is civil justice Gianmarco Galiano.
    In all, 21 people have been placed under investigation including
another two magistrates.
    As well as judge Galiano, the othe two people taken to jail were
bsuinessman Massimo Bianco and accountant Francesco Pepe
    Placed under house arrest, on the other hand, were lawyer
Federica Spina, businessman Francesco Bianco, and the president
of the Brindisi engineers guild, Annalisa Formosi.
    The other two magistrates under investigation are Francesco
Giliberti and Giuseppe Marseglia, from Bari. (ANSA).


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