Mattarella starts crisis talks with parties

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(ANSA) – ROME, JAN 28 – President Sergio Mattarella’s formal consultations on Italy’s government crisis get going in earnest on Thursday when he begins talks with the political parties represented in parliament.
    Giuseppe Conte quit as premier on Tuesday, marking the collapse of his second government, as the executive no longer had an absolute majority in the Senate after ex-premier Matteo Renzi’s Italia Viva (IV) party withdrew its support.
    IV, the centre-left Democratic Party and the leftwing LeU are among the groups the head of State will meet on Thursday.
    Mattarella will talk to the parties of the centre-right opposition and to the 5-Star Movement (M5S) on Friday.
    He started the consultations with talks with Senate Speaker Elisabetta Casellati and Lower House Speaker Roberto Fico on Wednesday. (ANSA).


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Mattarella starts crisis talks with parties


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