Either centre-right govt or elections says Salvini

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(ANSA) – ROME, JAN 28 – Nationalist League leader and centre-right opposition chief Matteo Salvini said Thursday the centre right would ask President Mattarella to solve the current government crisis either with a centre-right government or a snap election.
    “We need seriousness, I won’t go into government at all costs; the word must be given to the Italians, the only alternative is a centre-right government, or else we must go to the polls,” he said.
    “We trust in Mattarella, who we hope won’t tolerate much longer these theatrics, with the desperate hunt for passersby. Italy does not deserve it.” Premier Giuseppe Conte is seeking to muster an alternative majority after the centrist Italia Viva (IV) party deserted his populist-leftwing coalition.
    Mattarella, the arbiter of Italian political crises, may give Conte a mandate to form another government, may give someone else that mandate, or may call a general election, the least likely scenario according to pundits.
    Currently the centre right do no have the numbers in parliament to form a government but they are heavily favoured to win an election according to opinion polls. (ANSA).


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