Airport passengers dive 140 mn from 2019 to 2020

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Airport (ANSA) – ROME, JAN 28 – The Italian airport system ended 2020
with just 53 million passengers, compared to 193 million in
2019, a drop of 140 million, the Assaeroporti association said
    “This is a dramatic drop for national airports which have lost
72.6% of their traffic,” said the airports group.
    Seven out of 10 passengers did not fly due to COVID travel
restrictions last year, the survey said.
    Non-EU destinations were the most penalized with a drop of
    The fall in EU traffic was almost as bad, however, at 77.5%.
    Domestic passengers were down 61.3%.
    National routes, which made up 33% of he total in 2019, rose to
almost 50% in 2020, Assaeroporti said. (ANSA).


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