Striking Old Photographs of Sardinia in 1919

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A series of rare images from the American National Red Cross photograph collection (Library of Congress) describing a poor country, plagued by malnutrition, tubcolosis and widespread poverty.

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In 1919 Italy had just emerged from the First World War and the wounds of the conflict were still far from being healed.

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The American National Red Cross Collection consists of approximately fifty thousand photographs from the beginning of the twentieth century to 1933, offering pictorial documentation of human endurance in war and in times of national disaster.

The photographs might be taken during the mission of the American Red Cross in Sardinia.

Some villagers wear the characteristic berrite.

The berrĂ­ta (Sardinian term for bere) is a headdress made of dark wool or simple black cloth that is part of the traditional male dress typical of Sardinia.

Source: Library of Congress (United States)

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