What Italy can learn from Canadian approach to gaming industry

Italy should follow the success recipe from Canada. Canadian authorities decided to follow the liberal approach to the gaming industry back at the start of the 21st century. Keep in mind that directions, gambling and video games are trendy in Canada. Both types of operators are contributing billions of CAD to the country’s economy every year. If you want to have a powerful and strong economy, then you should not avoid the gaming industry.

Casino venues that adopted every kind of technological development

If we have seen any technological development in the past couple of years, Canada based casino venues have adapted to it. First of all, we have seen the boom of the internet from the start of the 21st century. Online casinos based in Canada have adopted WWW space quickly. Today we have real money online casino games in every genre. Every kind of game is now adapted to the online world. For example, Black Jack, Roulette, Slots, Strategy games, RPG, etc.

Then it was the era of Bitcoin, and now we see many online operators using Bitcoin and other cryptos. Those operators are using Bitcoin and Ripple as a payment option. First, it was hard to adapt to Bitcoin because of the lack of control. People had a real doubt regarding Bitcoin. No one could imagine that Bitcoin would be adapted to Nowadays money transaction systems. Governments and banking systems can’t control Bitcoin and other crypto transactions. Unlike other countries, Canada was the first to allow Bitcoin transactions. For example, Russian officials have enabled Bitcoin as a property. There have been regulations in Canada that have allowed online operators to get transactions through Bitcoin.

Bitcoin transactions have allowed gaming operators to dominate the world level. Those gaming platforms are now famous not only in Canada but also throughout the world. Keep in mind that Bitcoin gaming platforms are not allowed in many developed countries, so people living there might be using Canadian online venues.

Italy should follow the success recipe of Canada

First of all, Italy should follow the success recipe of Canada not only in gambling but also in the video games industry. Video gaming developers are contributing up to 5 billion CAD every year, and its number is growing geometrically. That’s why Italian authorities should create a free space for video gaming developers. Ubisoft became so popular because the Canadian government gave them true freedom in every possible term. The same scenario could be played in Italy if the government decides to choose the liberal approach to gaming operators.

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