Piazza Fontana Massacre: Exhibition remembers the victims

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Seventeen photographs and seventeen poems in memory of the victims of the Piazza Fontana Bombing, a terrorist attack occurred on 12 December 1969 when a bomb exploded at the headquarters of the National Agrarian Bank in Piazza Fontana, in Milan, killing 17 people and wounding 88.

The exhibition will take place on the fiftieth anniversary of what was one of the most dramatic pages in the history of the Italian Republic (6 December 2019 at 4.30 pm; the Casa della Memoria, via Confalonieri 14, Milan).

Piazza Fontana bombing
Stefano Porfirio

The exhibition presents 18 photographs, each one accompanied by poems to honor the victims of that tragic afternoon in 1969.

Piazza Fontana bombing
Emanuele Viaro

Seventeen of the photographs, one for each victim at the end of the show will be donated to the Associazione piazza Fontana 12 dicembre 1969.

Piazza Fontana bombing
Antonio Grassi

Photographers: Marina Alessi, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Silvio Canini, Francesco Cito, Antonio Grassi, Raoul Iacometti, Massimo Lagorio, Gianni Macheda, Stefania Mantelli, Graziano Perotti, Mauro Pinotti, Stefano Porfirio, Paola Rizzi, Andrea Rossato, Angelo Raffaele Turetta, Paolo Scarano, Emanuela Viaro, Adolfo Violini.

Authors: Rossana Bacchella, Federico Balzarini, Gianni Bombaci, Agnese Coppola, Matteo Dendena, Federica Giuliani, Sandro Iovine, Federico Klausner, Giuseppe Langella, Susan Moore, Roberto Mutti, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Erica Regalin, Silvestro Serra, Melina Scalise, Frediano Tavano, Benedetta Tobagi, Mauro Toffetti, Roberto Uggeri.

Piazza Fontana bombing
Graziano Perotti

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