3 Less-Known Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is one of the best places to visit while being in Europe. It’s a great choice regardless of the season.

You can visit the surreal beaches while it’s summer or you can enjoy the above-average winter temperatures. The country’s great history and culture make it an ideal option even for those that want to learn something new while abroad.

However, when it comes to visiting Italy, people limit themselves only to a few popular landmarks. Although they represent a great beginning, there’s a bunch of other less-known Italian places that you should check out on your next trip. We’re highlighting three of these unique places in this article.

Valley of the Temples

The Valley of the Temples represents a less-known Italian landmark as it’s located in the stunning Sicily. As culture-rich as this island is, it’s also harder to access when compared to other popular Italian regions. However, if you decide to make a stop in Sicily, you need to see Agrigento as the temples are located there.

This archeological complex includes a large number of temples that are still in an impressive physical state. They are Doric temples that have been built in the 5th century so they are certainly telling a captivating story. While visiting this historical place you can also admire the stunning views of the city from the valley.

Italian Casinos

Italy has had a long-lasting effect on the gambling world as it represents the birthplace of the first gambling houses in the world. Ridotto represents the first establishment reminiscent of a contemporary casino and it was built in 1638 in Venice. This authority is also met in the design and core of casinos like the Venetian or Bellagio, both inspired by Italian culture.

The impact of Italy on the gambling world is also present online where you can find a wide variety of free slots that have an Italian-inspired theme. The design of these games is often very authentic, being representative of the early game concepts present in Vegas casinos. Online and offline casinos also incorporate popular games such as roulette and baccarat that have their roots in Italian casinos. This speaks loudly about the impact of this country on gambling.

For that reason, visiting some authentic casinos while being in Italy is a must. Regardless if you just want to marvel at their architecture or try some games, places like Casino di Venezia, Sanremo Casino, and Casino di Campione d’Italia. Although smaller than classic Vegas casinos, they tell a unique story that deserves to be heard.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, although a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s still not that popular among regular travelers. This is a massive unfortunate as the region looks exactly as the retirement place many dream of. It is consisted of five villages, Vernazza, Corniglia, Monterosso, Riomaggiore, and Manarola, as the name suggests.

These villages are surrounded by outstanding cliffs, overlooking the Italian Riviera. Situated in Liguria, you will be able to have an authentic Italian experience here being able to visit the numerous olive plantations, turquoise sea views and traditional eateries. Due to its beauty, this place is considered a national park.


Italy is one of the most beautiful places to visit from the whole world. Its iconic views have transformed this region of the world into a must-visit place for travel enthusiasts. Its landmarks are countless but you need to check out at least some of the three unique places mentioned in this article.

Featured image: Pixabay

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