Top 5 Scholarships in Italy for International Students in 2019

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Young people commonly choose to continue their education in colleges and universities. They choose local institutions but some of them prefer studying abroad.

It’s not easy to go to a quite strange country and try your luck. Many people aren’t able to handle cultural shock when they face a different mentality and people. However, most of them succeed and acquire scholarships. Thus, many students dream to study and receive scholarships in Italy.

If you are a talented student, have outstanding skills and in-depth knowledge, Italy welcomes you. This country, like many others, kindly accepts foreign students from all around the globe. The Italian Government awards all kinds of scholarships for foreign students. Young people receive an amazing opportunity to try a different system of education and become an expert in all possible specializations. One may acquire certificates from the lowest to the highest degrees in different cities and towns of Italy. Finally, one has a tremendous chance to marvel at the beauty and rich history of this wonderful country.

It’s not easy to make the right choice. This country has numerous universities and each has its own benefits and privileges. To choose correctly, you should be aware of your own needs and possibilities. If you’re good with computer science, search for the appropriate institutions that offer education in this direction. The same goes for music, arts, history, languages, mathematics, etc.

We cannot predict all your choices and talents. However, we can offer you the top 5 scholarships available in Italy in 2019. Even if they don’t meet your interests, you can look for similar options and compare the conditions. Therefore, this guide is vital for you.

University of Pavia

Pavia University supports the idea of cooperation with the developing countries and so, offers grants to students from those territories. It invites the most gifted students with outstanding skills and proper knowledge. International students can receive a Master’s Degree in:

  • Electronic Engineering;

  • Computer Engineering;

  • Industrial Automation Engineering;

The scholarship for each specialization is €8,000. It is remarkable that students don’t even have to know Italian too well. All the courses are taught in English.

Bologna University

The University of Bologna gives grants to international students who feel enthusiasm and readiness to study abroad. The institution provides different programs to master various specializations. The grant is worth €11,059 and is given for every discipline and specialization. Students are free to select the desired term and level. They can select out of courses for Bachelors and Masters or Single Cycle Degree.

Bocconi University

The University of Bocconi also eagerly accepts students from abroad. Foreign students can pass courses to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree or Master of Science in various directions. The grant is worth €11,500 for Bachelors and €12,700 for Masters. These sums are given every year and not for the entire course of learning, which is an amazing benefit.

Politecnico di Milano

Milan is a wonderful city with multiple possibilities. One of such is to study there. International students are welcome to attend Politecnico di Milano. This is a polytechnic institution and so, it teaches programs out of this direction. One may acquire a Master of Science.

It’s remarkable that the university offers silver, gold and platinum scholarships. Thus, you can receive €5.000 for the golden and €10.000 for the platinum scholarship. In case you get a silver grant, you should pay only €200.

Haute Future Fashion Academy

Good news for young and enthusiastic students who are fond of fashion and design. Your dreams to receive education in Italy may come true. This educational institution offers such degrees as Masters and Short Training. You can become an expert in Architecture, Digital Arts, Fashion Design and their combination. Find out more about the mix-up programs. All nationalities can apply for courses. The wage of grants varies from one case to another. Therefore, students can count on the tuition fee that varies from 25% to 100%.

How to Prepare for Studying Abroad

Sometimes, too many tasks and studying abroad are overwhelming. Students may not be able to cope with all their duties. Therefore, it makes sense to use some online support from professionals. A high-quality essay writing service can help international students to improve their writing skills and so, their academic score. We offer the assistance of prominent experts. They complete orders with great precision and meet the highest academic standards. Besides, they offer many other advantages and terms. If you struggle with any paper you are assigned, you’re welcome to use this help. We work 24 hours round the clock to accept the most urgent orders and ensure your comfort.

There are also many things you can do on your own. Amongst these are:

  • Learn all the rules to apply to the university correctly;

  • Prepare and take the required documents;

  • Find out where you’ll live (dormitory or private apartment);

  • Undertake measures to overcome cultural shock;

  • Have a map and learn the location of your city or town;

  • Find average prices;

  • Get familiar with most popular customs and traditions;

  • Find some friends to adapt faster;

Memorize this useful list. It will help to overcome stress and get used to a foreign location and its people much faster. You’re free to add some other essentials to the list. Make sure you have taken into account the slightest details to have all you may need.

Image source: pixabay


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