12 leaders of Juventus ultras groups arrested for blackmailing Juventus to get free tickets and ticket touting

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12 leaders of Juventus ultras groups were arrested during an investigation of the Digos ( General Investigations and Special Operations Division) of Turin.

On September 16th, as the result of a long investigation (called Last Banner) into the organized crime group of the Turin, the police arrested a dozen among the leaders of the ultras groups Drughi, Tradizione, “Viking” and “Nucleo 1985”: according to the authorities there was an agreement between the ultràs to maintain a “military control” of the Juventus curve.

According to the prosecutor Chiara Maina and the deputy prosecutor Patrizia Caputo, who coordinated the Digos’ investigations, the heads of these groups had set up a criminal association that blackmailed members of Juventus to get tickets for matches at the Allianz Stadium.

Dino Mocciola, leader of the Drughi, was arrested during the operation.

Dino Mocciola has already been imprisoned in the early 1990s for killing a carabiniere during a robbery and he is considered one of the people responsible for the infiltration of the ‘Ndrangheta, a Mafia-type organized crime group based in Calabria, in the curve.

His right hand Salvatore Cava, the leader of Tradizione Umberto Toia and Beppe Franzo, president of the association “Quelli di via Filadelfia”were also arrested.

They were accused of criminal association, aggravated extortion, self-laundering, and private violence.

A bas-relief by Mussolini was seized at the home of Mocciola, other far-right material was found at the Drughi headquarters, in via Cimabue in Moncalieri.

39 more searches are in progress around Italy, coordinated by the Central Directorate of Prevention Police and with the collaboration of the Digos of Alessandria, Asti, Como, Savona, Milan, Genoa, Pescara, La Spezia, L’Aquila, Florence, Mantova, Monza, Bergamo, and Biella.

Last Updated on 2021/03/01


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