Priest feels sick after taking cocaine while accompanying students on a school trip

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A priest from a secondary school in Alassio, in the province of Savona, felt sick after taking a large quantity of cocaine during a school trip to Cremona.

The priest had a cocaine overdose after taking the drug in large quantities. His students warned the paramedics after finding him.

Once transported to the hospital, after the analyzes, the real reason for the illness had emerged.

The police officers, after questioning him and found that he had used drugs, had reported him to the prefecture for possession of drugs for personal use.

The priest now follows a rehabilitation program.

“The story was dealt with promptly. There has been no damage to third parties, especially to minors” said the bishop of Albenga-Imperia Giacomo Borghetti . “I spoke with him, and obviously we have agreed a therapeutic and recovery plan and I must say that he is very collaborative”.

The priest was temporarily suspended from pastoral assignments pending the rehabilitation therapeutic program which will be followed by another period in one of the recovery facilities for priests operating in Italy.

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