Italian Fascist Party organizes Prayer of reparation, local nun send them away from the churchyard

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Because of the Gay Pride in Monza, near Milan, the Italian far-right party Forza Nuova and other ultra-Catholic organizations tried, until the end, to oppose the parade of homosexual pride and rights with a letter to the police commissioner and, also, with a ‘prayer of reparation’.

However yesterday afternoon they had to move from the entrance of the monastery of the Sacramentine Nuns to the limit of the square: and this because, while the small group began the prayer, a nun invited them to leave the churchyard and move further.

The newly established and fervent catholic Teodolinda committee, composed by Forza Nuova, Militia Christi Families, numerous Catholics, the Viva Cristo King Committee and other organizations, organized a ‘counter-demonstration’ against the Brianza Pride ‘ (which did not have the patronage of the Municipality led by the center-right mayor Dario Allevi).


They wrote also to the quaestor Davide Sinigaglia at the end of June demanding for “actions to defend the citizens of Monza and Brianza”. According to them the Brianza Pride has “deliberately provocative attitudes towards religious sensibility, decorum, and public morality and that do not spare the involvement of minors “. The commissioner asked,” if the quaestor considers taking steps so that no citizen is offended in his dignity, faith, and honor “.

The committee organized two moments of “public reparation”: yesterday and tomorrow again. The first of the two did not go as they had hoped, given the intervention of the nun immortalized by some present and posted on social networks.

Topic: nuns against fascism

Last Updated on 2021/03/01


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