P448 and Italian high couture tradition

Italy has always been a synonym for high couture.

But there are many sports brand famous all over the world.

And it wasn’t enough. On the fashion scene, there is always a place for new fashionable pieces of clothing. Since the brand launch in 2014, the P448 models of the sneakers made in Italy present street style in a completely different way.

You may have thought that there are already enough models of the sneakers and designers can no longer think of anything new and interesting. P448 may not experiment with models, but designs are a total hit. Can you imagine a zebra print on high skate sneakers? It can look pretty good.

Brief Brand History

The P448’s story starts in 2014, in a small town in northern Italy, Forlì. Marco Samorè and Andrea Curti were brave enough to embark on entrepreneurship, although many would say that the fashion market is oversaturated. However, these two did not rely on statistics; they wanted to promote the Italian street style in the best possible way. The brand name itself doesn’t have any special meaning. P448 is, in fact, the project number given by its founders.

Italian buyers had great reactions to the brand selling male, female and kid’s sneakers, so the founders decided to try with the placement around Europe. Since 2017, P448 models are also available in the USA. Nearly a third of retail shops working with this brand are located in the US, and their number will grow. The sale went so well that the founders of the brand decided to launch a website for the online sale of these sneakers.

P448 Today

Last year, their footwear arrived in the Asian market; to be more precise, in China, Japan and Korea. The goal is to achieve growth in these markets because customers from these areas love handmade products, made in unique designs and modern materials.

Today, the main headquarter of the company is still in Forlì. The P448 brand has three stakeholders – Panda holding, whose CEO is Paolo Griffin, then founders Samorè and Curti, and Wayne Kulkin, who recognized the potential of this brand and its products. Breaking into the world’s largest market, Asia is his credit.

Kulkin, who has many decades of experience in the fashion world, is also a distributor of this brand for Asia and America. He recognized the possibilities of these luxury sneakers in these growing markets. Also, for this year, the brand announced the opening of several showrooms in the world’s most famous shopping districts, such as Soho, Venice Beach, and so on.


The brand P448 is only five years old. Since a breakthrough to the world market, the company has a steady increase in sales. The brand management is aware of the fact that, at one point, there will be stagnation and the possible decrease of these values.

However, they rely on the fact that their products are one-of-a-kind, and that customers will know to appreciate that. Indeed, the models of the P448 sneakers are unusual, but not accessible to everyone. The price of the sneakers goes up to several hundred dollars, but every pair is handwork. Those who know the value of this, won’t certainly be sorry to pay for one or two unique pairs of sneakers.

Sneakers are not related only to sports for a long time. In the last decades, they have become a trademark of street fashion and cool kids who are up-to-date with fashion trends. Today, brands like P448 are turning this comfortable pair of shoes into a fashion detail. So you have double pleasure – you wear comfy footwear, and you’re fashionable too.

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