Italy, two gangs broke arms, legs, to defraud insurance companies, 42 arrests

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The two gangs in Palermo were especially looking for desperate young people and women to stage false accidents to defraud insurance companies.

They offered 300 euros for a leg, four hundred for an arm. “You won’t hear anything.” Instead, they used bars, cast iron discs, cement blocks, and cheap anesthetics.

The operation to block a long chain of horrors was coordinated by deputy prosecutors Sergio Demontis and Ennio Petrigni.

About sixty mutilations emerged during the interceptions.

The prosecutor’s office issued two urgent detention orders.

The authorities of Palermo and Trapani arrested 34 people, another 8 were blocked by the financial police unit of the Guardia di Finanza and by the penitentiary police.

In the list of detainees, there is a lawyer, Graziano D’Agostino, a practitioner and some insurance experts.

The two groups were particularly aggressive to win the compensation of the insurance companies.

The desperate who broke their legs and arms, despite the promises were not paid.

The authorities found that one of the chiefs was driving around in Porsche and had bought an outboard motor boat.

The network of accomplices is very wide, around 250 suspects.

Palermo questor Renato Cortese said: “Those details that emerged from the investigation are chilling details. A sign of great moral degradation. Now, we hope that this investigation can be the starting point for checks throughout Italy because the scam system weighed heavily on insurance “.

Last year, Italian police had already arrested 11 people, members of two other gangs specialized in insurance frauds.

Last Updated on 2019/04/15


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