“We are flat-earthers. We do not pay for the train”. Intercity train stopped an hour in Italy

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Four people between the ages of 26 and 43, three men (a 43-year-old from Verona, a 37-year-old from Messina and a 26-year-old from Ancona), and a woman (a 37-year-old from Savona) took part in the story.

Four people were traveling aboard the train from Milan to Ventimiglia and when the controller asked them for tickets, they presented a plastic sheet called “self-determination”, explaining that they were “subjects of pre-juridical international law, diplomatic ambassadors out of every planetary jurisdiction “as well as” one-man country“, which is why the control carried out against them was” an attack on a free state pursued by the world court “as they” citizens of the world “with the” right to travel free”.

The four have called themselves “ambassadors out of every planetary jurisdiction” and they are convinced that Galileo has lied and that the world is not round.

The four, who defined themselves as “flat earthers and citizens of the world” in fact, instead of pulling out the documents, exhibited a plastic sheet called “Self-determination”.

The conductors of the Milan-Ventimiglia Intercity were shocked in front of four gentlemen who, at the request to show the ticket, they responded firmly on their origin by extending pieces of laminated paper with name, address.

The story ended in front of the carabinieri, even more, astonished since it was not a joke.

They are accused of interruption of public service, the train has in fact remained stationary at the Pavia station for almost an hour, and of refusal to provide the general information, as the Province of Pavia tells.

Source: repubblica


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