Orban-Salvini, meeting in Milan: “Together to change the EU”

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“We are close to a historic turning point for the future of Europe,” said the Northern League deputy premier at the end of the prefecture summit with the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orban.

“We are against Macron and illegal immigration – said Fidesz leader – and we would like our position to be adopted in the European People’s Party (EPP)”. Political parties such as the Democratic Party, Liberi e Uguali and Possibile, the Anpi and the unions starting with the CGIL have also joined the protest demonstration “Europe without walls”.

“We are close to a historic turning point for the future of Europe: today begins a journey of meetings, there will be many others”. In view of the European elections next year. Matteo Salvini and the Hungarian premier Viktor Orban smile at the end of the meeting in the Prefecture in Milan. Orban flew to Milan to meet with the deputy prime minister of the Lega-M5s government and to secure the media coverage at the end of August to draw the lines of a collaboration between Italy and Hungary that is getting stronger. Above all at the community level and in view of the 2019 elections.

A few months before the vote that will renew the European Parliament, Orban and Salvini define the strategy that will see them oppose together with what they identify as an opponent: the European Socialist Party.

The theme is the stay of Fidesz, a party of the Hungarian premier, in the European People’s Party (which in Brussels governs in alliance with the PES) or as an alternative to joining the League in the same EPP. For now the two do not give indications in one direction or another, but on the horizon, the two leaders clearly say, there is an alliance between Lega and Fidezs: “I do not allow myself to ask Viktor to leave the Popular Party European – explained the League secretary, answering a question – we are working each in his own field for an alliance to exclude socialists and bring back to the center the identities that our governments represent, each with its own history “.

The “enemy” identified by the Orban-Salvini axis is the head of the Élysée: on immigration “we ask for collaboration with countries like France” The Lega secretary affirmed – Macron spends his time giving lessons to foreign governments while he could be the first to show sensitivity and solidarity by reopening the Ventimiglia border. He can do this tomorrow morning “. “If this example came from the big countries – he added – even from Visegrad countries (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, ed) there could be a different approach. But I hold Hungary’s absolute right to defend the boundaries and security of its people. The shared objective is the defense of external borders “.

Also on the point that for years it divides Italy and Hungary – the relocation and redistribution of migrants arrived in Europe – Orban and Salvini come to a synthesis: Budapest will never accept to take a quota because “migrants can be re-exported in their countries. We do not have to relocate them, we do not have to divide up among ourselves, but send them back to their home “, explained the Fidesz leader. And the fellow League re-launches on the agreements in force between the European allies: “Of NGOs, whether or not they were willing to help traffickers of human beings, there are no more in the Mediterranean – said Salvini – and I can say that if they do not change the rules of some international and naval missions, we could even do without these missions “.

Thousands protest in Piazza San Babila – Meanwhile, Milan in favor of reception and integration met in Piazza San Babila as a sign of protest. Some thousands of people took part in the Europe without walls rally, organized by the same organizations that promoted the great integration table held in the city in June. Political parties have also joined the parade, such as the Democratic Party, Liberi e Uguali and Possible, Anpi, trade unions starting from the CGIL, student groups, as well as the Sentinels of Milan, which are among the organizers.

Source: Il Fatto Quotidiano


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