5 Spots To Go Off The Beaten Path In Italy

Italy, for many is the dream holiday destination. Whether it’s exploring the ancient history of Rome or becoming immersed in the romance of Venice, there is something for everyone no matter your travel plans.

However, when looking to travel to Italy, it is important to ensure you have an ehic card. This will help you with medical care should the need arise, giving you peace of mind to explore Italy and continue finding the hidden gems the country has to offer worry-free. Here, we’re taking a closer look at 5 spots off the beaten track to explore whilst in Italy.

Civita di Bagnoregio

This unbelievable town is a must-see site when looking for amazing places to visit off of the beaten track in Italy. This small town also referred to as the dying town by locals, can only be accessed by foot bridge and is slowly beginning to fall away as erosion continues to occur. This town is well worth a visit for those looking for history and amazing landscapes, and this hidden gem on the mountain is an amazing location to visit to escape the busy tourist spots within Italy.

Lake Resia

Lake Resia is one of Italy’s most secretive locations. This weird yet wonderful lake was once the town of Graun before it was flooded more than 60 years ago. The last remaining piece of Graun that remains above this vast expanse of water is the clock tower that emerges from the lake, making this a popular attraction for those seeking to explore the most unique places Italy has to offer. With a hiking trail surrounding this lake it is widely accessible for all how wish to visit and when frozen you can walk out to the clock tower to have a closer look. This location really has to been seen to be believed and is well worth a visit for those looking to be away from the hustle and bustle of the tourism spots throughout Italy.

The Garden Of Ninfa

Weird Italy ninfa-castle 5 Spots To Go Off The Beaten Path In Italy What to see in Italy    This garden located in the Pontine Marshes is built within the ruins of the old Italian town of Ninfa and is one of Italy’s hidden treasures. Unknown to most locals, this picturesque location really is a must see when looking to venture off the beaten track. Spanning over eight acres of land with over 1300 different types of plant, it is no surprise that this hidden garden has been declared one of the most romantic locations in the world. The old ruins located within this luscious landscape make it an amazing location for buddying photographers or traveller’s looking for hidden gems within the Italian country side.


Also referred to as the park of monsters, this unique location within the forest is home to several 16th century statues of monsters which venture into the world of mythology as well as small buildings located within this vast forest area. With many of these statues alluding to somewhat of a supernatural nature it is no surprise that this is a popular tourist attraction for those looking for something a little out of the ordinary when visiting Italy.

The Castelli Romani

This small group of villages just outside of Rome plays host to amazing houses which were originally built to house rich romans during the summer months, to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy capital. Now home to the summer house of the pope, this is a popular destination for those not only looking for history but potential spiritual enlightenment. During the summer months the pope often opens up his home for Sunday blessings for those wish to pay a visit, making this location an ideal destination off of the beaten track as it offers something for everyone. With amazing architecture and picturesque landscapes it is no surprise that this is a popular destination for those looking to briefly escape the busy capital.

Each of the places located within Italy are ideal if you are looking to explore a different side to Italy, with something for everyone no matter who you are travelling with it is now easier than ever to have a holiday of a life time exploring the hidden gems that Italy has to offer. Safe travels!

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