Italian fire brigade rescue cat 16 days after quake

Italian fire brigade officer pulls a cat out from under the rubble of a destroyed house 16 days after an earthquake struck the area.


Italian fire fighters rescued a cat named Pietro on Friday (September 9) more than two weeks after the earthquake, which killed nearly 300 people.

Fire brigades officers had accompanied the cat’s owners to retrieve their belongings from their destroyed house when they heard some faint meows. The cat was coaxed out from under the debris and taken by ambulance to a veterinary clinic. Pietro’s condition is said to be critical and he is currently undergoing treatment. Fire brigade officers also recovered art works from destroyed churches including the church of Sant’Agostino in Amattrice. Many parts of Amatrice, known as the town of one hundred churces, were damaged by the 6.2 magnitude earthquake which struck on August 24.


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