Osteria Francescana named world’s best restaurant

Massimo Bottura's "Osteria Francescana" ascended to the top of the annual ranking of the world's best restaurant for its inventive twists on traditional Italian dishes

“Osteria Francescana” in Modena, Italy wins the “best restaurant” honour for the first time.

Massimo Bottura’s “Osteria Francescana” ascended to the top of the annual ranking of the world’s best restaurant for its inventive twists on traditional Italian dishes on Monday (June 13). The restaurant received the honour at the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards in New York.

The restaurant in Modena, Italy, which was runner-up on last year’s list, took the top spot from 2015 winner “El Celler de Can Roca” in Girona, Spain.

The list, compiled by trade publication “Restaurant” magazine since 2002, was based the personal experiences of 972 chefs, restaurateurs, food writers and culinary experts, instead of a list of pre-determined criteria.

The Best 50 list has gained prominence among chefs around the globe, rivaling the longstanding Michelin guides with it star system. Michelin has previously assigned three stars, its highest rating, to both “Osteria Francescana” and “El Celler de Can Roca”.

Massimo Bottura is a leading figure amongst a new generation of Italian chefs. His work both as an innovator and restaurateur confirm him as one of the world’s most creative culinary forces. He has two restaurants situated in Modena, within the culinary-rich Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, the 3 Michelin star Osteria Francescana and an offshoot brasserie

Franceschetta58. Since Bottura opened Osteria Francescana in 1995, the restaurant has been no stranger to critical acclaim.

It was awarded its first Michelin star in 2002, a second four years later and, finally, it reached the height of critical acclaim with a third Michelin stars awarded in 2011.

Unanimously ranked top in class by L’Espresso, Gambero Rosso and the Touring Club Guide, Osteria Francescana currently rests at 2nd position on The World`s 50 Best Restaurants listing and has been voted the best restaurant in Italy for the past 7 years.

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