Ai Pioppi – Mechanical Amusement Park, Treviso

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At the age of 79, Bruno Ferrin from Nervesa della Battaglia, Treviso, is not your average septuagenarian. He is the visionary creator of a unique amusement park that sprawls across 30,000 square meters of land. Featuring an impressive array of 45 mechanical rides and attractions, Ferrin’s park offers everything from swings and merry-go-rounds to slides, roller coasters, and trampolines. What sets this park apart is its sustainability; remarkably, all the rides operate without the use of electricity.


Ferrin’s journey into amusement park creation began back in 1969 when he decided to diversify his income streams by opening an inn called Ai Pioppi. After a few years in the hospitality industry, he was inspired to construct his first swing set for the enjoyment of his customers. This initial project sparked a newfound passion in Ferrin, leading him to dream bigger and embark on more ambitious endeavors. Over the years, he continued to design and build an ever-expanding collection of rides, transforming his property into a mechanical wonderland.

To document this incredible feat, Fabrica produced an insightful documentary that looks into Ferrin’s work, capturing the essence of his ingenuity and the sheer joy his creations bring to visitors of all ages.

Osteria Ai Pioppi, Human-Powered-Amusement-Park

Official Website: Osteria Ai Pioppi


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